College Graduates and Educated lions


Recently I read about a captive lion reintroduction program called ‘Walking with Lions’. The project focuses on releasing captive born African lions into the wild after supposedly training them to adapt to their natural setting. They have a system where the release is conducted in phases like reintroduction, rehabilitation etc.

It sounds good on paper, but in reality it is not practical. The more we intervene with the way of life of these animals the more we destroy their natural instincts. These centers are Advertised as ‘wildlife encounters’ programs and typically charge tourists and paying volunteers to pet, feed and walk with hand-raised and so-called tame lions.

The word ‘Educated’ in this context describes a ‘Trained’ Lion. The way humans want them. we have a similar situation happening in our everyday lives, our children.

The way we treat our children is similar to the way we treat lions, we try to control them, tell them what to do, follow what is told without question. These might work for toddlers but imagine as a kid spending his first twenty years of his life in a system like this, he has lost most of his natural gifts and is now nothing more than a person who does what is being told.

“The greatest Irony in our education system is that kids are taught to obey orders,  and when they graduate, they are expected to be free thinkers, creating their own paths in life.”

The most difficult time arises when they comes out of the system and starts interacting with the real world, like finding a job. Similar to the way lion cubs behave when released to the wild after being born in captivity, they wait for someone to tell them what to do. All their life they have been taught to obey orders. But now there is no one to give them an order, they have to find their own way.

It’s striking how most of  the successful people in the world are self-made men. They did not rely on any system to show them the path. They made their own. “They are the Lions of the Concrete Jungle”. They did not succumb to the common notion of education. They were the rebels, and now millions of people who followed the system depend on these rebel for their living.

Let us rise above this common notion of education and learn to think for ourselves, let us not disparage our children’s efforts nor point them away from their dreams. Let us come together and set them free. For no way is the right way, every way is different for each person.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
                                              -Robert Frost





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