The Modern Day Zombie Apocalypse

3f26d9aca50b61c4f767df77b8706d95A zombie is a person who is or appears lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings. Sounds familiar right and they don’t just exist in the movies anymore. we see them everywhere, trains, colleges, coffee shops. And sadly for gamers and movie fanatics alike, the modern-day zombie invasion is much more insidious than one might imagine. There are less running and screaming and you don’t have to sacrifice your fat friend to escape, just a suggestion though.

we live in a world where technology impacts every part of our lives, from communication to Fitness, we have given control of many of our daily activities over to technology,  it has replaced the need for physical or mental exertion. Our technology gets us off our beds, tells us how far we walked, and how far we have to walk in order to burn than pizza we just ate. My point is this, consumer technologies that are designed to help automate our lives are taking away our mental capacity. They are designed for the layman, you don’t have to think to use them; you know how  we used to drive cars with Manual transmissions, flash forward, we now have smart cars, Driver-less cars. It takes skill to drive a manual, a skill which has been replaced by driver aids, We are dumbing down the human race.

Use technology like Medication, not as vitamins.

Remember the old days when we remembered our friends birthdays and phone numbers, well those days have passed, and are now replaced by Instant Messaging and Social Media, where we live pseudo lives trying to impress random people and keeping up a pseudo social image. How we have degraded the necessity of the human connections. we spend so much of our waking hours online, we rarely get to live our lives anymore. It’s like dangling a carrot in front of the donkey, It doesn’t see anything else, cursed to ever walk towards the unattainable goal.

The saddest part for me is how we have degraded the value of a simple Photograph. I’m a Photographer and I enjoy the finer details in one, the story, the lighting, the composition. A Photograph used to mean so much back then, It’s a slice of time we get to keep, a memory, a simple thing to look back on some day. And to think that this, which used to hold much value then, to be replaced by despicable Duck faces and Boob selfies. It saddens me to the core.

Epigenetics, the study of how external factors affect our genes, tells us that we are affecting the way our cells read our genes. we are leaving behind a legacy of self-destruction and isolation for our kids.

Not to mention how our social and Moral values have shifted, Festivals and family hangouts which used to represent the importance human connections and social values, now become an isolated and distracted place. We do not see, what we have become.


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You see people being herded like sheep, people incessantly posting selfies to get attention. People being bombarded with information, which prevents them from thinking. We must strive to be better than that. we must become creators, not consumers, and for the few who can, we must show them a better way to live.

Carpe diem, Seize the day!.

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  1. I know exactly what you are talking about. I’m trying to take back road trips the way our parents and grandparents took them with the minimal amount of technology possible while on them. I just recently took a road trip for the beginning of the summer/end of my first year of teaching. I managed to only use my phone for gps a couple of times and some photos. I’ll admit though, there are some selfies, but I have to have some proof that I was there haha. I’m going to be writing quite a few posts about road trips and technology and publishing them soon. If you’d like to check out my blog and give any feedback here it is.

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