How not to feed your 20-year-old​

Acid Reflux foods

How not to feed your 20 year old

I’m like the majority of 20 somethings when it comes to food habits, which is ‘Eat whatever I like, whenever I like‘.

We quarter-lifers are under a lot of pressure ( college graduation, jobs, starting a family). We find solace and comfort in the foods we eat. They are like therapy.

You can’t blame us for having some extra therapy, we need it. It’s no wonder the majority of people today are obese or on their way there. I was following the same path.

What happened to me was, I got this wonderful condition called Acid reflux (sarcasm). At first, I didn’t even know about it. There were only occasional throat pains every few weeks and the doctor would prescribe antibiotics, because Antibiotics fix everything.

Well, they made it worse, It destroyed my Intestinal Flora, which were protecting me and laid waste to my stomach.

It was not long after when I started getting chest pain along with throat pain and googling my symptoms did not make me feel better. Trust me, Never google your symptoms.

My anxiety sped up the process, soon I went to see a Gastroenterologist. I got admitted and underwent an Endoscopy (not pleasant) and my diagnosis was Antral Gastritis.

After a few week of proton pump inhibitors, my symptoms were subsiding.

But it is not a long-term solution. The only way is to properly control your diet. I’m sort of a panicky person. So it has been difficult to stay calm.

Trust me Acid reflux is an Insidious condition, it won’t go down easily.

I’m stressing the importance of a good diet. processed foods may have increased our palates but they are not a substitute for raw-cooked food.

I’ve learned my lesson, I’m trying my best to eat organic but it’s difficult and expensive. compared with the availability and cheapness of processed items.

The best investment you can make to your health insurance is, to eat good food.

So kids, always listen to your mother when she says ‘eat your vegetables’.


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