Crossroads of Life

I know not what road to take,
for I’m not sure what lies beyond the bend.
My thoughts travel both ways, but they don’t reach far.
I ask weary travellers who have travelled each path,
each said the path to be just as fair,
For some did not choose the path.
And others followed in their footsteps.
I stand facing two paths, for I have yet to choose.
With how way leads on to way, I know I will not cross this path again.
I wish I could take the one less travelled by.
But fear has stopped me from taking a step.
I wish not to be made a fool, my pride insists.
How can I take a step when I know not where it leads.
I think too much of the outcome, yet I forget to begin.

My First attempt at writing a poem, explaining my current situation. Inspired by ‘The Road Not Taken‘.

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