Crossroads of Life

I know not what road to take, for I’m not sure what lies beyond the bend. My thoughts travel both ways, but they don’t reach far. I ask weary travellers who have travelled each path, each said the path to be just as fair, For some did not choose the path. And others followed in … [Read more…]

God’s Eye View: The Science of the heavens

Along the western veil

From the Navigators of the early age to the pilots of today, we have all looked at the stars for guidance and awed at their spectacular beauty. There was a time when we used to worship the sun and the stars. We felt they were gods watching over us. Looking up was heaven, a place we hoped to reach one day.

How not to feed your 20-year-old​

junk food

I’m like the majority of 20 somethings when it comes to food habits, which is ‘Eat whatever I like, whenever I like’. We quarter-lifers are under a lot of pressure ( college graduation, jobs, starting a family). We find solace and comfort in the foods we eat. They are like therapy.

What being a Photographer has taught me

life lessons from Photography

Whenever I’m on a trip with my friends, I’m usually on the back of the pack. They always complain that I take too long to set up my camera and take a picture (Photographer’s Curse). What my friends fail to see is that I’m searching for a story to tell. I admit sometimes it takes a while.

Entrepreneurs , Devils in disguise

Entrepreneurs, Devils in Disguise

Entrepreneurs make our world a better place to live in. They are problem solvers. But its the way they create and solve our problems, that makes them Devils in Disguise. In order for a company to be successful, its products have to solve a problem faced by the customers. The person who understands that problem, and finds a solution to it, is often called an Entrepreneur. They make our lives easier.

The Addicted Population

The addicted population

It’s 6 am the sound of bells ringing on my phone wakes me up, struggling to get up and turn off my alarm, only to blinded by the light from the screen burning into my retinas. woke up to do my morning chores, I wander all morning like a zombie. It’s 7 am I have to get ready for the day, but not before I check my phone to see my notifications.

The Modern Day Zombie Apocalypse

Modern day zombie

A zombie is a person who is or appears lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings. Sounds familiar right and they don’t just exist in the movies anymore. we see them everywhere, trains, colleges, coffee shops. And sadly for gamers and movie fanatics alike, the modern-day zombie invasion is much more insidious than one might imagine. There are less running and screaming and you don’t have to sacrifice your fat friend to escape, just a suggestion though.