How to change the world: One Butterfly at a Time.

Can a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon create a hurricane in Europe a few weeks later? This is the concept of The Butterfly effect—so named as the computer model that led to its discovery resembles a butterfly—discovered by Edward Lorentz. Lorentz  ran weather models with present atmospheric conditions to arrive at the values for tomorrow, … [Read more…]

Crossroads of Life

I know not what road to take, for I’m not sure what lies beyond the bend. My thoughts travel both ways, but they don’t reach far. I ask weary travellers who have travelled each path, each said the path to be just as fair, For some did not choose the path. And others followed in … [Read more…]

God’s Eye View: The Science of the heavens

Along the western veil

From the Navigators of the early age to the pilots of today, we have all looked at the stars for guidance and awed at their spectacular beauty. There was a time when we used to worship the sun and the stars. We felt they were gods watching over us. Looking up was heaven, a place we hoped to reach one day.

How not to feed your 20-year-old​

junk food

I’m like the majority of 20 somethings when it comes to food habits, which is ‘Eat whatever I like, whenever I like’. We quarter-lifers are under a lot of pressure ( college graduation, jobs, starting a family). We find solace and comfort in the foods we eat. They are like therapy.