Hi, I'm Rahul

Welcome to my site.

I'm a guy with a wide range of interests, that means, one week I might talk about  Flight Mechanics, then Astronomy, and then History of Photography.

I also like to share my own experiences like, What being a Photographer has taught me.  There is something magical about writing things down, it's giving your imaginary thoughts some substance, writing is a form of liberation when I silence my mind and carry forward a linear train of thought.

I love to learn new things and teach them to others. In the future, you will find many 'How-to' articles here. In the meantime, check out my Blog.

 I'm currently undergoing the Fabacademy course on Digital fabrication, taken by Neil Gershenfeld, Director of  MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms. The course is awesome, and I'm learning to build some cool stuff.  Its like the kid inside me has woken up, and now has lots of fun toys to play with. You can see my progress on my Archive page

I will be writing more about my experiences in Fab lab, Its been a good start, and I'm working towards bigger things.