The inevitable flexibility of all the structures is the seventh degree of freedom Elasticity isn’t really the seventh degree, the deflection caused by an applied force accounts for that degree of freedom.

Question is, if there are two vector forces on the body does that give it 8 degrees of freedom or will the forces combine to a resultant

  • In the stress strain curve of a material, the slope of the curve in the elastic region is the Youngs modulus Which is the stiffness
  • Compliant mechanism
  • Dan Gelbart
    • In flextures, you can not only make a linear stage, but also reduction stages to couple the motion and provide leverage.
    • The connecting pieces are called Wiggle bar they are effectively used to decouple the rotational motion of the frame from the linear motion.
    • If you want a high accruacy flexture, you need to pre-drill the holes because, how well this moves, how linear it is depends on the exact mataching of the pivot points. So drill and ream the holes, align on waterjet.
    • Aluminum is used for prototyping but they are very temperature sensitive and cannot be used for fine positioning.
    • Flextures are limited by the elastic range of the material, even in good steel, the elastic range is 1%, so for large travels its best to have Nitinol, which has an elastic range 10 times as much as steel.
    • Flex pivots or cross hinge pivots it works over small angles.
    • No need to lubricate, no wear, infinite life, no backlash.
    • Infinite life can be achieved if you do not use up all the elastic range. Ideally about 2/3rd can be utilized.
  • Flexure
    • Flexures are usually thin as we want to minimize the spring force for moving them. The thinner the cross-section is the more certain we can estimate the center of rotation.
    • If you use a single flexure, the center of pivot may not be accurately determined. But if we use them in pairs then the instabilities tend to cancel themselves out.
    • Plastic turning white because of loads is called crazing, keep creep in mind for static loads over long times.
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  • Flexure

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